The Root for the Beet Vegetable Program focuses on teaching elementary students (2nd through 5th grade) how to make healthier food and drink choices.  Here’s how it works:

“Georgia & I finished the course. Georgia really enjoyed it – especially getting all the answers correct! I am impressed with how well Georgia read the book and how much she paid attention to the videos to answer the questions.  It is a GREAT program!  Georgia even took notes as she read the book to me! And now Georgia tells me all about root veggies, winter and summer squash, and healthy snacks.  Now we will see if she will actually eat more veggies!”  Susan G. & Georgia (2nd grade)

If you received your book and login already, keep reading below.

You’ve received (via mail) our Root for the Beet Children’s book. The book is separated into 13 fun, colorful chapters. Each chapter focuses on a different vegetable, meal, or drink, and, with the use of comics, teaches very basic lessons about making healthier food and drink choices.

Now you can login and view the 13 video lessons and quizzes that supplement each chapter of the book. A brief quiz follows each video lesson and must be completed. 

“A couple of years ago we visited Heartbeet Farms mobile Organic Fruit and Veggie Farm Stand. I struggled to get my girls to eat veggies but, they were not interested in them as much as I was. Until we met Jen and her girls at their mobile farm stand. Jennifer Ross and her girls got my girls so excited about trying new veggies. My girls learned just by visiting the mobile farm stand how healthy and delicious veggies are and they were open to trying more and more veggies because someone else (not their Mom) was telling them to give these organic veggies a try. My oldest daughter has really shown an interest in learning more about cooking and preparing healthy foods for our family to eat and enjoy. I am just as excited as she is to try new recipes. She used to be the pickiest eater but, once she got in the kitchen with me to prepare the food for our family she was more willing to try the meals with more veggies in them. I follow Heartbeet Farms and look forward to the informative blog posts that Jen puts together. I truly learn so much from her and I was so excited when I saw that their book, Root for the Beet is now a virtual course. Thank you Heartbeet Farms for inspiring us to be more healthy and we appreciate you so much!” Momee Friends of Long Island